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These are FAQs that may help with questions you have about voting:

How can I obtain an absent voter ballot for the next election?
Where can I register to vote?


How can I obtain an absent voter ballot for the next election?
A registered voter is eligible to obtain an absent voter ballot for an upcoming election if he or she:
1. is 60 years of age or more.
2. is unable to vote without assistance.
3. expects to be absent from Greenwood Township for the entire time the polls are open.
4. is in jail awaiting arraignment or trial.
5. has been appointed to work as an election inspector in a precinct outside of his or her precinct of residence.
6. is unable to attend the polls due to his or her religious beliefs.
A voter who wishes to receive an absentee ballot must request it in writing from the election official responsible for administering the election (township clerk); absentee ballots may not be delivered as a result of an oral request made in person or over the phone. However, an absent voter ballot application form may be provided as a result of an oral request.


Where can I register to vote?

Voter registration applications can originate through any of the following sources:
1. Secretary of State Branch Office Voter Registration Program.
2. Secretary of State “Renewal by Mail” Program, which allows Michigan citizens   who are renewing their driver license by mail to register to vote by mail at the same time.
3. Registration transaction in applicant’s county, or township clerk’s office.
4. Mail Registration Program. (Includes the state mail-in voter registration application form and the federal mail-in voter registration application form.)
5. Designated government agencies.
6. Armed Forces Recruitment offices.
7. Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) procedure.
8. Direct delivery of voter registration applications by persons associated with voter registration drives.


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